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The NetherlandsThe Netherlands - 20-23 april 2006

On friday Paolo and Arco visited Delft and Den Haag. In the night we went to Gouda.
On saturday we all (Dorien, Emilie, Virginie, Paolo and Arco) did go to Utrecht to meet Janice. After that we went to Wageningen to eat.

On sunday we biked through Amsterdam. It was a great weekend only the weather was not that good.


BelgiumAntwerpen - 24-26 february 2006

This weekend we had a lot of fun in the city of Dorien. She showed us the culture of Antwerpen and some bars and restaurants.
We slept in the centre of the city in a house arranged by Dorien, thanks again for that!
The people who were present: Dorien (no kidding), Emilie, Virginie from France, Janice David and Arco from Holland.
It was amazing to see some people again which we didn’t see for two months! The weekend was in one word FANTASTIC!
The only problem we had... .it was freezing...


1Barcelona - Vallcarca - August 2006

The biggest and longest reunion of the year was in the summer. Vallcarca was again the meeting place and many people were able to return to the place where it all begun. Of course the weather was really good and Ronald was still there. The beach was our best friend and we enjoyed the time back in Spain and Vallcarca again.

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